The story behind Bed & Meet….

Welcome to Bed & Meet,

We are Rob, Lianne and Maarten and live in Curaçao. After years of working as an entrepreneur in health care, we have changed course. Not an easy decision to leave almost everything behind and then start a new adventure. But we were fed up with the traffic jams, the hectic life and the changeable weather. In addition, we also missed the positive flow, the dutch people would rather push you down than glorify you.

That is why we have taken the step and are now the proud owners of our apartments and villas.

Why Curaçao? When you arrive here on the island, you immediately notice that you need to go 3 gears back. There is no rush and if you want to arrange something, keep in mind that it takes a while. And that can be annoying, but for us it is a relief. Most people are relaxed, friendly and if you need someone, they are happy to help you. And of course that wonderful sun (360 days a year) is really nice.

With our concept “Bed & Meet” we want to give everyone a happy holiday. That is especially a lot of customization, because everyone wants to have their own experience. Together with you we try to make it an unforgettable holiday.

From renting a villa to a fully catered vacation, we can arrange it. The only thing we expect: bring a sunny mood!

Read our site quietly and let the holiday feeling begin, mail / app / call us if you have any questions.

See you soon,

Love Rob, Lianne and Maarten